UK Trailer for Johnny English Reborn

Collider says:

I’m not exactly sure who was clamoring for another Johnny English movie but they’re going to get their wish. The UK trailer for Johnny English Reborn has gone online and it features what you would expect: slapstick, Rowan Atkinson creating awkward situations, and more slapstick. For those who enjoy this franchise, this new installment looks like it won’t let fans down.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer. The film also stars Rosamund Pike, Dominic West, and Gillian Anderson. Johnny English Reborn opens in the UK on October 7th.

Click over to Yahoo! Movies UK to see the trailer in HD.

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Crazay3492d ago

Riiiiiiiiiiight.....I love Mr.ben as much as the next guy but didn't they say all they had to with the Original Johnny English?

-MD-3492d ago

They're making a sequel? I'm not sure if I ever even watched the original all the way through.

Shani3492d ago

Good to see the sequel coming. I like his funny acting.

Crazay3491d ago

His best role is without a doubt Mr.Bean

hazelamy3491d ago

the first film had some funny moments, the main problem was how ineffectual the main character was.
i mean every time he succeeded at something it was by accident, there was no point in the movie where he showed that he was actually capable.
it made for a rather one note character.

that's where a film like get smart did much better, sure agent smart was still the clownish buffoon at times, but when it mattered he was able to get the job done.

hell even the mr bean character was more effective at fixing problems than johnny english, the painting thing in the first bean film was fantastic.

maybe they've decided to make the character a bit more capable with the training montage, or should that be mon tage. :)

but how is it i've heard absolutely nothing of this until today when they put out a trailer?

Crazay3491d ago

WOW! That there is a whole lot of thought and discussion for this movie.