'Fright Night' Photos: Colin Farrell Shows Off His Vampire Fangs (Moviefone Exclusive)

MovieFone says:

One of the most memorable horror movies of the 1980s is getting a 2011 update with the release of this summer's 'Fright Night.'

'Fright Night' is just your average story of a typical suburban kid who meets his new next-door neighbor, quickly suspects that said neighbor is actually a blood-sucking vampire, has his fears confirmed when his life is put in danger, watches his mother get put under a hypnotic vampire's spell, must team with a Vegas stage-show magician to slay the undead threat, and somehow save the day. You know, typical teenage angst.

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Crazay3492d ago

I liked some of what was said in the other article/interview I posted but I'm of the opinion they should have left well enough alone on this one. I'm going to see this movie for sure, there's no question about i - but sadly I have very low expectations.

Chris Sarandon played the part of Jerry Dandrige so well I just can't see anyone else doing it. Anton is a decent casting choice but I'm not feeling the Christopher Mintz-Plasse as "Evil Ed". Maybe they'll change my mind with a trailer which I hope to see sooner than later.

OSIRUSSS3491d ago

I totally agree I will see this also, but I don't expect it to top the Original.

JL3491d ago bad am I going to be persecuted when I say I haven't seen the original? lol

I might have to check out the original with all I keep hearing about it now that this remake is being done.

Though, I gotta say, it sounds like it's in the same vein as Lost Boys and that wouldn't be good. As a kid The Lost Boys was kind of amusing. But going back and watching it, it's just flat-out stupid.

Crazay3491d ago

You are now on a serious shitlist =P

You'll laugh at the 80s tunes and fashions but if you look at it for what it is as a Vampire movie I think you'll enjoy it. Jerry Dandridge is a quintessential vampire. Calm, arrogant and calculating. It also sports a damn fine wolf to human transformation in it (not as good as American Werewolf in Londo tho - Nothing will ever top that).