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AnalogHype: Source Code Review

AnalogHype writes "Source Code succeeds where other films like it fail. Duncan Jones, the director, trusts his audience. He gives us enough info, not too much, just enough for us to buy this premise… He doesn’t try to convince us, like SO MANY science fiction directors, that it makes sense because… Let’s face it… time travel, as a plot device, will NEVER make sense. You’ll always run into paradoxes, and contradictions no matter how smart the movie is. Jones knows this, so he trusts the audience to take the info we’re giving, and just go with it."

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Christopher3486d ago

Anyone else see this and thought the ending was a little too "easy" and "cheesy"?

cody2oo3486d ago


I thought they could have ended it when he was the hero he wanted to be, and right when he kisses the girl it cuts to reality and she unplugs him, thy end.

He gets his happy ending which in turn is still depressing, which i think is alot stronger than making it so he gets he girl and alters everything making everything perfect.

Christopher3486d ago


My preferred ending was a mix of good and bad. He finds with two cell phones that means there are two bombers. He spends his last time through looking for the bad guy and sends the text as usual. When Goodwin pushes the button, it switches to her coming in the same morning, getting a text about there being two bombers and how to get them from a random cell phone, and then shows Colter still in the chamber. He's still trapped and has no knowledge of the events, she knows there's more to the Source Code but doesn't communicate it, and everyone else is still waiting for the right time to test him out. It's an endless loop of him doing what they want and them never finding out that it works because he informs them of the danger by doing more than they think the Source Code is capable of.

filmmattic3486d ago

You're exactly right! The ending is what ultimately doomed my otherwise upbeat review. It was too cliche and tainted by the obligatory, gotta-have-a-Happy-Hollywood-e nding beat. "Easy" and "cheesy" work even better as descriptors for the ending. still, I gave the film an 8 out of 10 because Duncan Jones is just that good, and Jake the Snake showed up this time, giving a strong performance.

JL3485d ago

It was a bit cheesy and a bit too easy. Safe almost. All in all, I liked the movie, though.

I'm guess I'm kind of a sadistic guy cause part of me half wanted him go into the source code that last time and just fail. Like unplugging that second phone made the bomb blow up. Or it kicked in some type of fail safe that switched it to a 30-second timer. Would've been kinda funny. Albeit, that would've been pretty cheap.

Crazay3486d ago

BAHHHH!!! Spoliers!

I'll check tjhis out when it's on video.

dkgshiz3486d ago

Honestly was really surprised with this movie. Most Jake Gyllenhaal movies end up being duds but this movie was praised by virtually everyone.

JL3485d ago

Have you not seen Donnie Darko, October Sky, Jarhead, Brothers...? I even thought Bubble Boy was pretty funny. And Rendition and Zodiac were pretty good. I even liked The Day After Tomorrow as a fun apocalyptic movie.

cody2oo3485d ago

yea, i think after broke back mountain people kinda had this "lol he did that gay movie" and shunned him off.

He's for sure one to watch.

Crazay3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Zodiac was decent,Jarhead was good, Brothers was really good, LOVED Donnie Darko and I totally forgot about Bubble Boy. He was hilarious in that movie. Day After Tomorrow was great. I'm a big fan of movies like that.