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Shadowlocked - Let's Go To Rio: Preview Event

After leaving Empire, my rather-demanding counterpart and I decided to go for lunch, eager to discuss what both had thought of this recent screening. So, while it was fresh in our minds I got my iPhone out again and filmed Laura’s reaction. While it felt a bit like pulling teeth, she really liked Rio, and I will admit did I. Yes, we differed in our out-of-ten score; and yes, we would watch it again on DVD, but once was enough for seeing it on the big screen in 3D. However, while we differed on a number of key points, we learnt an awful lot. I learnt that my 13 year old daughter had much to learn on a Geographical level; my daughter learnt that her father will happily embarrass her if it means conversing with the big-wigs; and we both learnt that Rio, whilst primarily targeted towards a younger audience, has something for everyone.

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