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AZCentral: Hanna Review

AZCentral: Erik evidently subscribes to the "Kick-Ass" school of parenting. It certainly seems that way at the beginning of "Hanna," director Joe Wright's tremendously entertaining film about a precocious, preternaturally beautiful girl who - no small thing - is also an expert killer. The film opens with Hanna, the 16-year-old girl, hunting alone with bow and arrow in a snowy forest in Finland. She hits a deer with an arrow but, as she tells the unfortunate beast in a meaningful phrase, "I just missed your heart."

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-MD-3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Hanna is clearly the reviewers choice for openings this week. As of now on rottentomatoes:

Hanna - 86% positive reviews
Your Highness - 27% positive reviews
Arthur - 20% positive reviews.

I've only seen tv spots for this up until last night when I watched the theatrical trailer. It's a must see for me now.

Soldierone3944d ago

Hanna looks good, but based on reviews it looks like im going to see Your Highness. Bad reviews normally mean good movies. Well....not with comedy since there isnt any deep thought behind it, so I dont know.

-MD-3944d ago

Comedies almost always get average-poor reviews.

Soldierone3944d ago

I was more suprised about the fact AZCentral somehow made it onto the site without me posting it haha. Who is from AZ? Lets be friends.

-MD-3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

I found it on Rotten Tomatoes lol.

Edit: haha

Soldierone3944d ago

Weird haha

I will still be your friend :P