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Blockbuster Sold For $320 Million

Dish Network Corp (DISH) placed the winning bid to purchase the former video rental giant, Blockbuster Inc. (BLOAQ.PK). They agreed to cough up $320 million, outbidding billionaire Carl Icahn and Monarch Alternative Capital of New York.

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Soldierone3692d ago

Just keep the stores open that are open and Ill be happy. A lot of them closed around me, but one is still open and I go in there like once a week to try games or something. If they didnt charge 10 bucks to rent a game id go in more often.

As for Dish I hope it doesn't just become a marketing strategy for Dish. I rather have cable for a reason.

GodsHand3691d ago

$10, but don't you keep the game for a week, instead of the 2-3 days before?

But like someone else said in the tech section, Dish will probably slowly kill the stores off, and just focus on the streaming part of it.

Soldierone3691d ago

You get it for 5 days, then they have a 3 dollar late fee again with a 99 cent restocking fee when you finally bring it back.

And is Blockbuster still divided up into 3 (kiosks, online, stores) or did Dish buy ALL 3 of them?

Sahil3692d ago

Good deal, they were bankrupt.. now they can pay their debt of 270m million

Christopher3691d ago

And the upper management can walk away with how much of the left over amount after how many people lost their jobs?

Crazay3691d ago

It really doesn't matter all that much to me. I haven't rented anything in years. The rental store thing is so dated it's time to say goodbye to these relics.

cody2oo3691d ago

The one around me closed about a month ago, but a "family video" store opened downtown and their prices destroy blockbuster, i can ent a game for 5 bucks for 5 nights, 2 older movies for a dollar, kids movies for free, dollar blu rays, new releases 2 dollars plus a free oldy. store owns.

techniglee3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Were already at a point where almost all the movies we watch are streamed.

dkgshiz3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

You don't get anywhere near the selection through Netflix. Plus they don't get newer movies a lot of the times for almost a month. Yeah, its going to be a long, long time. Before Netflix or some type of streaming service take over the tv. Netflix needs to somehow obtain HBO,Showtime,Stars,and many others for that too happen. You wont be seeing Boardwalk Empire or any other big shows like that on Netflix anytime soon.

Soldierone3691d ago

Netflix isn't allowed to offer movies for at least a month after release. Most studios hold it even further than that, usually 90 days.

Let alone Netflix is still fighting with a majority of the big studios to keep content.

Christopher3691d ago

HBO and Showtime shows in general aren't even available on DVD and digital stores until the next season of the shows are ready to be rolled out. That's not an issue with Netflix obtaining rights so much as the big movie cable providers holding out to support people still subscribing to see the shows from season to season.

techniglee3691d ago

Netflix is already starting to produce their own content, with a big name producer and actor.

dkgshiz3691d ago

@ techniglee
I doubt what ever Netflix produces will be any good. Probably Hallmark quality.

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