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( Why Aren't You Watching Archer on FX

Arcee: There are very few shows on television that I watch regularly nowadays. Aside from sports, I watch the WWE, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and a couple other crime dramas and comedies. But there is one show that debuted late 2009 that has me absolutely hooked. And if you are not watching this show, you have no idea what you are missing out on. And the best part about this show is that it is an animated series meant just for adults. I am talking, boys and girls, about Archer on FX. This has to be the funniest comedy series on television right now. Witty, violent and featuring plenty of sexual innuendo and scenarios, Archer is something special on the air that no human being with any presence of a funny bone should be missing.

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Christopher3684d ago

Love Archer. The first Adult Swim cartoon concept I've seen on a different channel.

Why doesn't it have the viewership? Once a week at 10 pm on Thursday not only going up against The Daily Show with the exact same audience goal but also against CSI, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, and The Office.

The fact that they are drawing in the audience that they have says a lot, IMHO.

Christopher3684d ago

Okay, looks like I made a few mistakes above, but still, it's doing extremely well considering the lead in content (hah! I used my wrong info anyway! Oh, and I threw that s**t before I came in the room!) and still going up with strong 10 pm content on other channels and going up against the still breathing South Park (will it ever die?).

Arcee3683d ago

Its okay. I know what you meant when I first read it. Yeah, I am glad that it is still on the air despite good competition during the time slot, but it should have a bigger audience.

atticus143684d ago

Ive only heard of this show in passing, I had no idea it was an animated series, i just automatically assumed it was yet another crime drama.

Arcee3683d ago

Yeah, and it is some of the best animation you will see on American TV.

-MD-3683d ago

So is this actually funny? Been looking for more funny stuff to watch.

Arcee3683d ago

I think so. IMO, the funniest show no one is watching.

Christopher3683d ago

Very hard to say if it's funny for an individual or not.

The best to determine if you think it's funny is if you though Sealab 2021 or Frisky Dingo were funny, it's very likely you'll think Archer is funny.

I love the lack of any filter from brain to mouth comedy in it.

-MD-3683d ago

Never seen Frisky Dingo but I loved Sealab. I'll check it out.

Soldierone3683d ago

I tried it and it has its funny moments, but the way its done cannot keep my interest. Granted I lose interest in a lot of adult swim cartoons too. I'm surprised Family Guy keeps my interest like it does, even South Park loses it at times.

It was semi funny when I watched it. It really builds to the funny moments, so when they hit you literally laugh and not chuckle. But other than that I rather watch something not a cartoon. The thing with cartoons is they need to do something dramatic to show why its a cartoon. For example a talking dog in family guy. Otherwise i just think "why not just make it live action..." Like King of the Hill...

Megaton3683d ago

I've seen it a few times after It's Always Sunny. Didn't really do much for me.

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