Mark Wahlberg to Star in Universal's 'Bait and Switch'

Universal is definitely in the Mark Wahlberg business. He is now shooting Ted with director/writer/co-star Seth MacFarlane, and also has the thriller/remake Contraband coming up; both Universal projects. And now the studio has bought Matthew J. O’Neill‘s spec script Bait and Switch to be developed as a Mark Wahlberg vehicle.

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Christopher3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Another action comedy, but I really hope he goes beyond what we saw in The Other Guys, which I really was actually brought down a lot by Will Ferrell being Will Ferrell.

OSIRUSSS3694d ago

I hope this means he was dropped from the Uncharted movie.

DaThreats3693d ago

Im curous how this actor will be in the uncharted movie.