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Netflix Signs Deal for Exclusive Rights to 'Mad Men'

Netflix and Lionsgate have signed a deal to bring the hit AMC series Mad Men to Netflix Instant streaming service. The deal grants exclusive streaming rights to the Netflix service. The deal covers the first four seasons already broadcast as well as all seasons up to seven.

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Christopher3946d ago

If I understand this correctly, that also might mean it will be removed from iTunes/Unbox during this period of exclusivity as well. Similar to how The Fellowship of the Rings is removed from iTunes since there's an exclusive right given to Cinemax or Starz at the moment.

JL3946d ago

Hmm, not sure. The press release did specifically state that this gave Netflix the exclusive STREAMING rights. And you're not actually streaming when you get it from iTunes (at least I don't think they have streaming), rather you actually purchase and download the show on there. This deal might not prevent that or have any bearing on that.

However, it would exclude Amazon from having it on their video-on-demand service. As well as Hulu and whatever other services do the video-on-demand like that.

Christopher3946d ago

Yeah, that's why I said it might mean that. In the past "streaming" has also included "downloading" since they tend to be one and the same with certain service providers (as you mentioned, Amazon VOD/Unbox).

Megaton3945d ago

Gonna have to check this show out. Pretty sure my mom is a fan.