AMC Makes Concession To Fat Moviegoers

Deadline: Last year at ShoWest, Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton appealed to theater owners to introduce healthy foods at concession stands to combat obesity in kid moviegoers. This morning, Lynton lauded AMC for listening. Other chains are helping out by making fattening snacks, popcorn and soda so expensive it's prohibitive expensive to buy them, kind of like cigarettes.

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-MD-3492d ago

I can't remember the last time I bought food or candy at my theater. A large popcorn is like $6 and a large soda is over $5. Do whatever you want with it imo.

Megaton3491d ago

It's highway robbery. You can get a whole box full of popcorn bags at the store for the price of a small at a theater.

-MD-3491d ago

I was told that's how the theaters stay in business. I sure would hate to have my business dependent on 6 dollar popcorn bags though.

Megaton3491d ago

Yeah, supposedly it's where they make all their money.

Castor3491d ago

Yea they don't actually make money from box office as they get only a small fraction of whatever you pay for your ticket. That said, I never buy anything from the concession unless there is some kind of promotional offer, it's just ridiculously expensive.

Christopher3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Twizzlers + a drink each time.

But, they really do make their money from concessions. You gotta imagine, especially in our area (DC Metro), that the cost of space and overhead is pretty big for a business. I'm sure they make a ton of their money back out in less metropolitan areas with similar prices, but I can't complain about the costs in our area.

MinimeJer053489d ago

I'm an old fashion popcorn and soda guy, so this is lame news for me. I understand that they are trying to lower obesity, but if I want popcorn with butter and a large Coke, then it should be my right to have it. If kids are getting fat off this stuff, it's not the theaters fault or anyone else, it's the parents for not teaching them how to eat and eventually it's the kids fault for not knowing common sense. Fatty foods are bad for you, but that doesn't mean you can't have them occasionally.