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Scenes We Love: 'The Professional'

Moviefone: Most of the time, child actors are precious and mannered and seem chosen based on their "cute" factor; rarely do they make much of an impact. Occasionally, though, someone comes along who seems wiser than that, sadder perhaps, or with untold depths. These people are full of promise. They are the ones that make us say, "She's going places."

Natalie Portman was one of those.

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-MD-3683d ago

I watched it the other night for the first time and loved it. The dress up scene was really well done but the one that stood out to me was the hallway scene with Mathilda (Portman) knocking on Leon's door.

See this movie if you haven't yet.

Castor3682d ago

Yea indeed a great movie and one of my favorite of the 90's.

OSIRUSSS3683d ago

Gary Oldman really rocked this movie too.

-MD-3683d ago

I barely even recognized him from the way he looks in Batman these days. He was good though I agree.

JL3683d ago

Everybody in this movie was good. Oldman, Reno and Portman. But Portman stole the show here I think.

OSIRUSSS3682d ago

Luc Besson is also an underrated director. I would love to see him write/direct the Deadpool movie.

JL3682d ago

I definitely haven't seen everything Besson has done. However, I almost want to say he's a better writer than he is a director and that's the area he's underrated rather than as a director.