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GMan Reviews writes:
I think simply saying that this film was style over substance would be an oversimplification of what this movie is and why it isn’t good. Somehow watching this movie I would imagine that it suffers from the one factor that made me watch it. I was questioning it when the first trailer came out of comic-con, but somehow I decided to side with a lot of my friends and trust Snyder due to his extensive filmography of movies that utilize his style of action to not just highlight fantastic fun action but also tell a simple story without making the movie completely muddled.

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-MD-3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

"No matter how cool – which I personally didn’t like that much – the action sequences"

Didn't like that much? That means you liked it in some way and this movie didn't deserve a 0/10 from you. Everyone jump on the Sucker Punch hate bandwagon.

Christopher3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

I said this before, there's absolutely no way you can give a score of 0 out of anything. That means it lacks any element to make it a movie. Heck, even Plan 9 From Outerspace or Manos: The Hands of Fate deserve such a score.

I'm not going to decry or support ratings that actually make rate the movie, but there's no way you can, in good conscience, rate this movie or any other a 0/10 as long as they are actually movies.

Cat3496d ago

Hmm, yeah - shouldn't 0/10 be reserved for movies that didn't happen? Didn't play? Is a head of lettuce and not a movie?

If the intended scale is one of strength of recommendation then maybe a numerical scale isn't the best option.

JL3495d ago

Definitely. A 0/10 would have to be an absolutely sorry excuse for a movie (that really couldn't even be called that). I really don't understand the seemingly bandwagon movement that has started with giving this movie those kind of scores.

gmanreviews3497d ago

@M_D While I see where you're going, let me explain.

Yes you're right, some of those action bits were ok, or some would go so far as to say good, and I would probably praise them as short films. However, due to poor writing and horrible characters the scenes remain ineffective and that's what a movie needs to be... effective.

So unless you're looking for a mind numbing exercise in boredom then this movie is a 0/10

Soldierone3497d ago

The train sequence?! That was probably the most amazing choreography with visuals I have ever seen...Just saying.

Nobody that has seen it because of me has been bored of this movie lol.

gmanreviews3497d ago

either all your friends share your exact same views on the movie, or you know how to sell a movie. Either way, more power to you sir

Agent_00_Revan3496d ago

Agree. that train sequence was awesome! All the action was bad ass. i liked this movie. everyone just hates on anything that isnt a romantic comedy or some shitty adaptation of a known franchise. fuck em. this movie was good.

Whoooop3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

I don't even want to download this movie but a 0?

Not even Dude, Where's My Car deserves a 0 out of 10.

JL3496d ago

Hey, I liked Dude Where's My Car back in my stoner days lol

But definitely, no way in the world this deserves a 0/10. That would have to be one of the most horrible movies ever made. This one is pretty entertaining.

Whoooop3496d ago

haha yeah...

It was more of a "making a point" kind of thing.

I laughed a few times in Dude's even if those parts were absurd. Movie didn't take itself seriously so it gets a pass.

Whoooop3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )


gmanreviews3496d ago

"Movie didn't take itself seriously?"

This is a movie that the director has time and time again come out and spoken about how much he wanted to get this story across because of how well it portrays women. I think this movie definitely was meant in a somewhat serious sense. If Snyder knew how to do drama I'm sure he would skip the whole action aspects of this film all together.

Whoooop3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

I was talking about Dude, Where's my car when I said that.

Concerning Sucker Punch... No matter what you write, the 0 out of 10 is ridiculous. You either want hits or you just literally hate Snyder.

Soldierone3496d ago

Thats the thing. Why would you want him to do that. The action sequences were a creative way to tell a new story.

In the deep core of this movie, its your standard Hollywood film. Girl see's something she shouldn't, girl gets trapped, girl wants to escape, group follows with elaborate plan, group does said elaborate plan and escapes. We have seen this a billion times now.

I reward the fact this movie has a creative idea, good morale, and something new behind it.

newn4gguy3496d ago

I stopped listening to critics altogether because of this movie. It's amazing!

-MD-3496d ago

I considered it. If I end up really liking the film I'm done listening to critics.

ShAkKa3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Was the theater closed when this guy went to see the movie?

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