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'The Event': You Bury Other Things Too (1.16) Review - TheVoiceOfTV

The Voice Of TV writes: "Having seen the title name for this episode just a couple of weeks ago, I would imagine there were some would say “couldn’t we just bury this show altogether?” Deep down I keep telling myself I want to like ‘The Event‘; I truly do. We all have our shows that we watch for the mindless action and corny dialogue; we all enjoy a show that requires no brain activity what-so-ever. Unfortunately for The Event, it degrades down from the laughably odd to the insanely stupid. With that said, “You Bury Other Things” did a few things right – it finally gives some much needed screen time for the character of Simon as well as show more of Dempsey. It’s just too bad that the transition of Sean becoming a badass has plagued the Dempsey scenes for what they could have been."

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