6 Movies We Want a Sequel To, But Should Leave Alone

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There are some movies so great, we desperately want a sequel in order to see more...but that’s not always the best idea. Sometimes the story is too self-contained or the characters have moved on to another life, but there are valid reasons for some films to be left alone. So we've compiled this list of films we want sequels for, but should leave alone.

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-MD-3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

None of these would work as a sequel in any meaningful way.

Nick Frost's character in Shaun is a zombie, Inception was good because it was something new and a sequel will be been-there-done-that. V for Vendetta? Yeah right.

Christopher3493d ago

I agree that all of those should be left alone, I don't agree that I want a sequel to any of them. I get making an article about movies that should never have sequels (even though one of them is comprised of two sequels?), but the title is dang confusing.

I think we're 20 years away from a BttF remake, though.

JL3493d ago

I don't even think they should remake BttF. I wouldn't care for that. It's a classic of sorts. Leave it alone. I don't even want a sequel to it.

Now, as for V for Vendetta. Part of me would like to see a sequel because that movie was awesome. It could be done pretty simply by putting Portman's character in V's place. Of course the other part of me agrees with the article here in that by doing something like that you're pretty much just guaranteed a generic action/crime flick almost and can't recapture the magic of the first. Well I'm sure it would still be better than the average, but still wouldn't be as great as the first. Unless the writers had some awesome story up their sleeves.

Shaun of the Dead is the one I probably most disagree with on this one. Meaning, I think they could do a sequel. And if it meant getting the gang back together (along with Edgar Wright), I'd be down for it. As long as the writing is there it could work.

As for actual story, M_D mentions not possible cause Frost's character is a zombie. However, I've thought about a sequel to Shaun for a while, and this is the idea that my mind keeps going back to. A while back I watched a zombie movie that was somewhat unique in that it centered on events after society overcame the zombies. You had people using them like farmed game to hunt, doing weird game show stuff with zombies to bet on them, even having zombies as pets/servants. In short, they realized the slow dumb creatures are easily handled and manipulated thus became "toys" of sorts.

Shaun 2 could run with that concept. This allows for Frost's character to remain a zombie and them still be buddies. From there you end up having an uprising of the zombies after being abused as such they begin to evolve and develop a bit of brain power, enough so that they can uprise. Or maybe they have chips in their heads (the pet/servant ones) in order to give them brain power enough to perform basic chores. Then one day those chips malfunction or something, breaking the zombies free from the restraints of their servitude, but leaving them with the slight intelligence the chip provides.

I don't know. I'm not a writer, but I'm sure Pegg and Wright could work out details. And with a good enough basic idea like that (something that keeps it fresh) they could run with it and provide a good script.

darklordzor3493d ago

Well for me, it's not an article about movies that don't need sequels. These are truly films that I'd love to have a sequel to, but understand the perils in making one. Cruise around other movie websites and forums, and you'll see all of these movies pop up on most wanted sequels lists too.

f7897903492d ago

They could always do a prequel for Inception with how all of the technology and industry got started.

Honestly they should have done that first then released Inception as a sequel.

darklordzor3493d ago

Exactly M_D, exactly. That's why they just wouldn't work, and as such, they really need to be left alone. As great as they all were, they work best as stand alone films.

Soldierone3493d ago

I didn't like Watchmen to begin with, however I could semi see it happening. 300 also didn't have source material but they are going back and making a prequel to that. Deer god I know.

However with Watchment it's a comic book, and if you get some comic book writers on board you can continue it. Have them write a few comic books, maybe another video game, etc...see how these stories work with the fans. if they like them, then go ahead with the movie.

However being i didnt even like the first one, ill pass on it either way haha.

Christopher3493d ago

***However with Watchment it's a comic book, and if you get some comic book writers on board you can continue it.***

Will never happen. Alan Moore will never let it happen and he considers the story completed.

Soldierone3493d ago

A lot of people are like that about their stories though. A few bucks, a lot of corporate pushing, and some other odds and ends do a ton of talking.

darklordzor3493d ago

Yeah, but the sequel to 300 does have a source. Frank Miller is writing the Xerxes prequel now, and that's what will be adapted.

FlashBack3493d ago, that movie just felt unique.

newn4gguy3492d ago


Brilliant film making. ^_^

ShAkKa3492d ago

I loved the style of Cloverfield too but they could make a movie from a different point of view.

FlashBack3492d ago

But the problem is: Normal filming or shaky camera? Normal filming would make a generic monster invasion film.Shaky camera would be recycling the idea.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33493d ago

Unbreakable 2: There is obviously a lot of potential for them to expand on the original but I don't know if I trust Shamylan enough at this point not to totally botch it.

And I believe heard Nolan express some interest in making a sequel to Inception, but I think it's a bad idea. Let's not break down the layers of the first movie; leave it open to interpretation.

Christopher3493d ago

Which is kind of funny since Shyamalan said that the Devil from the aptly titled movie was one of this bad guy ideas for the Unbreakable trilogy.

JL3493d ago

I don't think Nolan said he was interested exactly. Just all the talent from the movie, when signed on for Inception, were signed to a franchise deal in case they wanted to make a sequel. Nolan's opinion on the matter has been pretty indifferent. He's said he doesn't want to count out the idea of a sequel, but at the same time it's nothing he's considered.

Actually, I think Inception 2 could work. Yes, the first was unique. Yes there was a mystery to it that left it open to interpretation. But that latter part can be maintained simply by not bringing back DiCaprio. Leave him as a secondary character or something. Make it a story about what happens with the crew after DiCaprio is gone.

Basically for a sequel, in order not to ruin the first, it would come down to having to get the writing/story down right. I have complete faith Nolan could do that. Now, I don't necessarily want a sequel and I'm fine with just the one. However, if Nolan came up and was like "Ok. I really want to do Inception 2 now. I have a great idea for it." Then I would trust him and I'm sure it would be just as great.

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