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Will Smith, Son Jaden to Costar in M. Night Shyamalan Sci-Fi Movie

The Hollywood Reporter: Set 1,000 years into the future, the movie centers on a young boy who navigates an abandoned and sometimes scary Earth to save himself and his estranged father after their ship crashes.

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gaden_malak3496d ago

I bet the ending is that Jaden Smith is Will Smith's Dad.

Quagmire3496d ago

Great, now you've ruined the entire film. I'm not gonna watch it now.

newn4gguy3496d ago

I really hope Shyamalan can bring it back on this one.

He used to be one of my favorite directors. Then...The Last Airbender. -_-

JL3495d ago

Never been one of my favorite directors at all. There was a time I had hope for him though.

As far as I'm concerned the only good movie he's made was Sixth Sense. Signs was decent, but nothing special. Beyond that, everything else was crap and just kept getting worse and worse with each passing movie. I refuse to watch another of his movies now.

newn4gguy3495d ago

Why don't you like them?

Christopher3496d ago

Gotta say that there's a good and a bad here. Bad, it's Shyamalan. Good, Will Smith isn't known for attaching himself to bad ideas that aren't profitable in the end.

Is M. Night one of the writers or just directing? That might be a good indicator of the story.

JL3495d ago

But Will Smith has attached himself to bad movies (just bad movies that become profitable, but still bad nonetheless). Not to mention, he's been seemingly doing some stupid stuff lately for the sake of trying to propel his son's career.

As far as who's writing, I'm pretty sure the screenplay is by Gary Whitta. His only movie before was Book of Eli (not the greatest written movie). But it seems he's doing the screenplay for this. Still possible that M. Night came up with the story as he's seemed to be trying that route a bit.

In either case, I think at this point he's proven that he's so arrogant, out there and self-indulgent that it's not just the writing of his movies that holds him back but his direction as well.

Christopher3495d ago

Wait, are you telling me that Wild Wild West wasn't a movie that was noted for its writing and acting? :p

I just question if it could be anywhere as bad as The Last Airbender with Will Smith attached.

JL3495d ago

No of course not. Wild Wild West was a masterpiece of screenwriting. And the acting was truly a beauty to behold. :D

On that note, upon further investigation, it appears that M Night has no part in writing this movie. He's just directing. So I guess that is a good thing. And even better I guess when I now realize he's wrote every movie he directed (I thought The Last Airbender he only directed). So, this will be something new and he won't be messing up the script by writing any of it.

However, it's not like the writer behind Book of Eli instills much faith in me for this to be anything great. Then again, he can't be a worse writer than Night can he?.....Can he?

Also, I'm not entirely sure M Night's only problem is his writing. At many times his directing seems rather stiff and unimaginative. And it seems more and more as he goes along, that he doesn't do that well getting much out of his actors.

All in all, yes, there's some good and some bad here. Good: We shouldn't be getting an incoherently convoluted or contrived Night script, and with Will attached it should do well at the box office. Bad: Night could still mess it up with his directing, yet it still does extremely good at the box office, only giving him a bigger head.

filmmattic3496d ago

M. Night ScareMeAway from seeing this movie even if the MAN, Will Smith is on board, Ughhh.

newn4gguy3495d ago

I think the biggest problem people have with Night is that he gives them something they aren't looking for.

Signs - Not about aliens.
The Village - Not about monsters.
The Happening - Not about environmentalism.
Lady In The Water - Not about a fairy tale.

Everyone really misses the points of his films.

JL3495d ago

That has absolutely nothing to do with it. It's not that he's giving people something they're not looking for per se. The audience isn't looking for it because his "twists" are so contrived and idiotic that they are just plain stupid. He throws in senseless twists for the sake of throwing in a twist, no matter how contrived, hollow or flimsy they may be.

And then he has the audacity to think that his incessant use of drivel twists for the sake of it are some type of gift to modern cinema, further adding a sense of pretentiousness to his movies.

His work beyond Sixth Sense just proves that that movie was a fluke. He wrote a good story, and what made it more compelling was the cool twist at the end (the one time he's done a twist right). Then he got his head stuck up his own ass off of the acclaim of that movie and wanted to recreate it. So, he keeps making movies over and over again with "I didn't see that coming" twists. The only problem: these twists add nothing to the concept of the movie and are completely flimsy and garbage/idiotic twists. Which illustrates that he has no idea what it was that made the twist in Sixth Sense so good/compelling. He just figures if he adds a twist that the audience doesn't see coming, then it will be praised. Only that isn't the case when you're using such contrived, out-of-left-field, crappy twists like all his following movies have done.

filmmattic3494d ago

Even better said, my friend!

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