10 Video Games That Should Be Made into Movies

Anomalous Material writes:
Is it a surprise then that popular video games have massive built-in fan bases that Hollywood has sought to tap? While mostly unsuccessful so far, we think it has to do with execution rather than the idea of turning games into movies. Given Hollywood’s inability to create anything original, here are 10 video games that should be made into movies.

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-MD-3493d ago

A Zelda movie would be terrible.

Red Faction might work on a massive budget. Bioshock has always been a good idea for a movie also on a large budget.

Heavy Rain? Really? No thanks.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33493d ago

I wish Sam Raimi was working on a Bioshock movie rather than Warcraft. The games style totally fits his twisted sense of humor. He has a tendency to put his main characters through a gauntlet of torture.

darklordzor3493d ago

Heavy Rain was essentially playing a I feel liked I've already watched the Heavy Rain movie. Zelda could be interesting, but it'd have to be more of a sword and sandals flick with much heavier action. I think the point of the Zelda games would get lost in the movie.

Megaton3493d ago

I'm really not a fan of this whole idea that games need to be made into movies. I think it illegitimatizes gaming as a medium when you decide they need to be made into a movie, as if that's the "proper" form of entertainment.

cody2oo3493d ago

after seeing sucker punch i want zack snyder to make a movie based on god of war....WOULD BE EPIC!

Hozi893493d ago

Are you fuckin kidding me. I don't want that man anywhere close to God of War. After I saw 300, Zack Snyder was the shit. then he fucked up The Watchmen and as if that wasn't bad enough he made Sucker Punch. Sucker Punch is the worst movie I've seen for the year. honestly, the CG was good, but had way to many slow-mo scenes. Acting was mediocre and it reminded me like a very unoriginal "Charlie's Angels" flick mixed with a fucking Ballet dance movie. The fantasy aspect definitely don't fit with the drama/reality part. Story sucks massive balls.

krazykombatant3493d ago

Screwed up watchmen????????? the movie was awesome, sure he didn't put the alien tentacle monster but it made more sense to blame dr. Manhattan. The movie was great so don't crap on it.

cody2oo3493d ago

Im speaking more on the action side of things, the way he did some of the VFX shots in this film i dont think they have ever ben done before, he could easily pull off kratos fighting a hydra and doing the final quicktime, how badass would that be come on?

And watchmen was awesome! i'm not a long time fan of the comic or w.e but going in fresh it was a beastly movie.

-MD-3493d ago

I didn't enjoy Watchmen as much as you guys apparently. I found the only entertaining character to be Rorschach who got me through the movie.

I was never read the source material so maybe that's why I wasn't into it.

Hozi893493d ago

Lol...well my main complaint about Watchmen is the fact that it ends too soon. I wanted more action.

The Story behind Sucker Punch is BS. But like you said he could pull off some cool cinematics for GOW. I just wouldn't want him to kill the story for GOW.

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OSIRUSSS3493d ago

Killzone , Gears of War ,Mass effect,Red Dead Redemption,and Metal Gear would make awesome movies if done right.

KonohagakureFC3493d ago

Killzone should rather be an anime, like Halo Legends

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