Trailer For Cartoon Network’s New Thundercats Animated Series

Collider: Some big news came out of WonderCon this past weekend, and while that Green Lantern footage took the internet by storm, we have yet another piece of video that might get you excited. It’s the new trailer for Cartoon Network’s all-new Thundercats animated series. I can’t say that this is exactly my cup of tea, but I’m sure plenty of grown up nerds will want to introduce their kids to the characters who made their childhood cartoon-watching days so great. Based upon the iconic 1980s action classic, Thundercats tells the epic tale of Lion-O and his battle against evil in the quest for the fabled Stones of Power. Check out the new trailer after the jump.

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Soldierone3497d ago

The animation and everything in that was absolutely incredible. It even had a slight touch of the classic show with them stopping mid fight.

Friggin awesome I can't wait.

Christopher3497d ago

Agree 100%. In an age where I'm seeing some remakes with horrible animation (G.I. Joe's latest, for example), it's very nice to see some quality animation combined with a bit of the old qualities.

And, most importantly, Snarf!

-MD-3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

It looks pretty well done but I was never much of a fan of the original and I don't seen myself watching this series either. My older brothers grew up with the old ones and loved them.

I'm looking more and more at cartoons coming out lately though for my little nephew as he's starting to get into this kind of stuff.

JL3497d ago

I really enjoyed the original when I was a kid. Was one of my favorites. I'll have to maybe check this out. Indeed the animation on this looks great.

OSIRUSSS3497d ago

I thought that the Thundercats were pretty corny. I loved MUM-RA though.He was awesome.

hazelamy3497d ago

why the hell would they region lock a bloody trailer?
bloody stupid, instead of talking about the show i'm talking about their stupid bloody regional lockout.

but then what with me not being american they obviously don't care what i think.

they can shove their pissy little show up their arse if that's their attitude.

Soldierone3496d ago

It has to deal with companies over sea's owning rights to it instead of the company here that owns it. Thus the company tht released it here has no rights yet to release it across sea's or they will get fined. (Im sure you knew this, but maybe someone else didnt)

Either way, i completely agree with it being stupid. But business is business I suppose.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33496d ago

The test footage for the now defunct CGI movie was also promising: