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'Hop' Leaps to Biggest Opening of 2011: Box Office Report April 1 - 3

Moviefone: Never underestimate the power of a talking bunny.

In case Jake Gyllenhaal hadn't learned that lesson a decade ago in 'Donnie Darko,' he was schooled again as 'Hop' jumped higher than all expectations and opened with a stunning $38.2 million, according to studio estimates, marking the best opening of 2011. Gyllenhaal's own 'Source Code' debuted a distant second with an estimated $15.1 million.

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-MD-3688d ago

Shame Sucker Punch got bumped down the list so quickly. It was supposed to actually have a pretty strong box office run but all the negativity surrounding it most definitely hurt it.

Christopher3688d ago

Isn't that normally how it works, though? Most movies under the %25 rating tend to get adversely affected at the box office.

I know I've argued a few times on why I feel it's a low rated movie and it tends to be the trend. I _know_ that they're not always right, but more often than not, when it gets this low they tend to be more right than wrong.

So, I think how well it's done is representative of the quality. I agree that it will probably make most of its money on DVD/BD sales (as _JL_ mentioned).

And, I understand that a good number of people here feel completely opposite about the movie (it had a good story, it was awesome, it's not a 1 or 2/5 movie, etc.), but it's all just opinion in the end. This time, opinion just went a way different than the general opinion here.

As far as Hop? It looks a ton like Chipmunks, and the average score seems spot on, but families seem to love to take their kids to see digital anthropomorphic characters.