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Watch The First 15 Minutes Of Game Of Thrones

Cinemablend: We’re mere weeks away from what promises to be the television event of the year with HBO’s premiere of Game of Thrones. George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy has finally made it’s way to our television screens. The question is whether this adaptation could ever live up to the brilliance of the characters vying for the Iron Throne, and all those wonderfully nuanced people that surround them, in the book.

In the video below we have our first look at the series within context. Vignettes and interviews have proven that the creators know what they’re doing, and personally I’m excited for the episode penned by Jane Espenson. The first 15 minutes of HBO’s Game of Thrones is available to watch, and the faithfulness to the text while still translating to a new medium is reminiscent of what Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh did with Lord of the Rings.

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Christopher3685d ago

Looks great. I haven't read the novels, but this might get me to do it.

Looking at the actors on this, I'm excited to see a few get work.

Sean Bean definitely deserves more work, IMHO. But, he's only in two episodes, which kind of is a downer for me.

Charles Dance plays a great evil guy. Aidan Gillen also does a great evil guy and his fencing in Shanghai Knights was pretty good. Not sure if their roles play on this or not, though.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has deserved another chance since New Amsterdam.

Lena Headey plays great, strong women.

Will definitely give this a watch.