'Breakout Kings': Queen of Hearts (1.05) Review - TheVoiceOfTV

The Voice Of TV writes: "As music sensation Bon Jovi once said: “Shot through the heart and you’re to blame. Darling, you give love a bad name.” This week’s episode of ‘Breakout Kings‘ features the show’s first female con. As some were to expect, with the use of her physique and the use of gullible men, this female fatality managed to do things no male convict could ever achieve on the outside. It must be nice to have a pair of twins and a pretty smile in your armory."

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Megaton3491d ago

Can't help but laugh every time I see a commercial for this show because the guy who plays one of the McPoyle brothers (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) is in it.

blazsox3491d ago

Jimmi Simpson is essentially the comedic relief for Breakout Kings. He doesn't really play a serious role as you may expect from this show. He keep the McPoyle in himself alive.

Christopher3491d ago

Watched the first 4, so far it spends way too much time on reminding the criminals that they're criminals. IMHO, for the show to succeed, they need to tone that way down and only hit on it when it matters to the story. Otherwise, the concept loses all credibility on the concept.

Fifth episode is up for today, so will read the full review once I've watched it myself.