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Yippee-Ki-Yay: The Die Hard Story…So Far

By the late Eighties the action movie was beginning to die a slow death. The indestructible, mountainous and mechanical Kings of the genre, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, were finding that even they could not defeat the apathy of an audience who had grown weary of monosyllabic monoliths with big guns and bad jokes. The decade of excess was losing its grip and so were its heroes.

Enter John McTiernan, fresh from his success with Predator starring, ironically, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and casting for his new movie Die Hard. Based on the novel Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorpe, Die Hard was originally intended as a sequel to Schwarzenegger’s Commando, but the Austrian actor turned it down and, thankfully, Die Hard became a very different beast altogether.

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Christopher3686d ago

In order of my rating I'd go Die Hard > Die Hard 4 > Die Hard 2 > Die Hard 3.

In general, I like the Die Hard movies, though. These and Lethal Weapon I tend to treat like guilty pleasures.

Megaton3686d ago

For me it would be DH > DH3 > DH2 > DH4.

4 was alright, and not as forced as I expected for this day and age, but it still holds the bottom spot for me.

Quagmire3686d ago

^^This, dont know what the first poster was thinking.

DH4 is a somewhat decent action flick, but in no way is it even close to the original 3.

Christopher3686d ago

You see, I found 3 to be the most forced. I think one of the things people disliked about the 4th one was that they made the theatrical release PG-13 and added all new faces/bad guys. But, 12 years from the last one and updated with the times, and I found it a great re-introduction of McClane. I would have preferred an R-rated version without a Fighter Jet scene, but I still enjoyed it a lot more than most action movies put out today.

CelluloidZombie3685d ago

Thanks for commenting, guys. I'm one of those in the Die Hard 4 camp, for sure. I thought it was the best of all three sequels. Sure as hell kicked Die Hard 2's ass.

But maybe that's because I'm bald felt a certain kinship with the cue-ball McClane. ;-)

Castor3685d ago

Yea I really liked Die Hard 4. Definitely not a bad one at all.

filmmattic3685d ago

Great read! I friggen love Die Hard. Without exercising any hyperbole, it is my favorite action film of all-time. And that's saying a helluva lot given my enormous exposure to the medium.

CelluloidZombie3684d ago

Thanks for reading, dude! :-)

filmmattic3684d ago

No problem homie! Anyone man that is willing to champion the cause of Die Hard earns my respect!