Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks True Lies 2

Comingsoon: Since Arnold Schwarzenegger left public office, he's mentioned a few movie projects that he might be interested, but there's been no mention of True Lies 2.

When asked previously by The Arnold Fans what scripts he was considering as his comeback film, he said, "Well, first of all it's more like fifteen scripts that have been sent to me after people had found out that I have been interested again in doing films, so I don't want to bore anyone to go through those things but there are the obvious ones from 'The Terminator' scripts to remakes of 'Predator' and 'The Running Man' and all of those things."

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Megaton2936d ago

Would be interesting to see him as a full-time action star again. Even though he was my state's governor, I'll always know him from the movies. Terminator was like THE action movie when I was a kid.

Quagmire2936d ago

No one can compare to him today

Leio2936d ago

Second that Arnold invented the shit :D

Megaton2936d ago

Yeah there really is something of a vacuum that still needs filling when it comes to the kind of action star we had in people like Arnold, Stallone, and Willis.

Christopher2936d ago

The Rock was supposed to fill that role in, but then he changed directions and didn't want to do those type of action movies.

ShAkKa2936d ago

I don't know, True Lies doesn't seem like it needs a sequel.Glad to see that Arnold is interested in making movies again though.

Christopher2936d ago

I'm still on the fence on this. I love Arnie, but he's gotten old and out of shape during his time away from Hollywood.

Megaton2936d ago

Old, yes. I doubt he's out of shape, though. I'm sure a guy who champions fitness as much as he does makes time to work out daily, even while governor.

Christopher2936d ago

Perhaps not out of shape compared to other 60-year olds, but he's definitely shown that he's not in the shape people attribute him with.

BubbleSniper2936d ago

i think they should do T5 and Arnold be a real person in it...

we know they use identity of people, e.g kill the person in order to
use their likeness

I wish James Cameron would do it, for the love of all things good...
Cameron should show these amateurs how to do a Terminator movie


SleazyChimp2936d ago

Hey its Arn-OLD in his new movie The Crustynator! lol

Quagmire2936d ago

Woah there cowboy, save some wit for the rest of us!

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