Five Biggest Movie Bombs of the Year (So Far…)

Eonline: When director Zack Snyder's $82 million Sucker Punch got decked last weekend, it was but the latest in a long, sorry line of 2011 box-office disappointments.

Here are five major releases that, as things stand now, are the sorriest:

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MinimeJer053492d ago

That really sucks seeing Take Me Home Tonight on that list. Why did such a good movie bomb :(

-MD-3492d ago

You liked it? The trailers looked good to me but it got pretty poor reviews.

MinimeJer053491d ago

I loved it. Caught 2 free screenings of it and I ended up going back and paying for it several times more. It really was a great comedy!

Christopher3492d ago

Mars Needs Moms is definitely a massive failure, $35m worldwide gross with $150m budget? Ouch.

xVeZx3492d ago

i thought those animated disney movies not made by pixar were just small cheap stuff to pass the time until another pixar movie....i guess i was wrong

-MD-3492d ago

I feel bad for Seth Green the most just for being attached to the project. He made his money though.

Megaton3492d ago

Seems like Nicholas Cage appears exclusively in bombs these days. Then again, it's been like that for a long time.

just_looken3491d ago

agree alot of old good actor's are becomeing if you give me the $ i will star in said show.

Agent_00_Revan3491d ago

Sad to see Sucker Punch aleady slated to be on this list. Thought it was pretty good. Action sequences were great. Story was decent.

Hated seeing Kick-Ass and Scott Pilgrim on these lists last year. They were my 2 favorite movies last year. Always sucks seeing good and unique movies doing so poorly at the theatres. Then people wonder why all movies released are lame ass comedies or animated kid movies.

JL3491d ago

I highly suspect Sucker Punch could make a lot of its money back when it comes to DVD/Blu-ray. Especially with people knowing it will be the unrated/director's cut. I've known a few now that have decided to bypass the theater after hearing that news.

jony_dols3491d ago

I'm doing exactly that.

Zack Synder films (just like Ridley Scott's) are best just left till the directors cut version comes out.

-MD-3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

The unrated cut is actually making not seeing it in theaters less painful for me. I just want it to come quick. And I loved Kick-Ass too.

@just_looken - You're nuts man.

just_looken3491d ago

suker punch was just a little girl tripping out haveing dreams and kickass was just wierd and the actions scenes come on. both of those movies are a 1/5.

ShAkKa3491d ago

KickAss was awesome man.

evilmonkey5013491d ago

I saw sucker punch last weekend. Holy crap did the plot suck. Just like battle la. The only parts of the movies worth seeing are already in the preview.

ShAkKa3491d ago

"Take me home Tonight" had a lot of publicity and the trailers looked fun,i'm surprise it didn't do so good.

Megaton3491d ago

Same. Looked like the kinda comedy that does pretty well these days.

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