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James Cameron Urges Industry to Use Faster Frame Rates

The Hollywood Reporter: Calling the current use of frame rates in digital cinema “inadequate,” James Cameron urged the industry to consider shooting and projecting movies at rates higher than the standard 24 frames-per-second in a demonstration he presented Thursday at Cinemacon.

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-MD-3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

I honestly wouldn't care if 3D disappeared tomorrow but this guy and (seems like) everyone else loves it. I find it distracting when I watch movies. If the higher framerates help normal movies then I'm all for it.

Megaton3689d ago

I honestly wouldn't care if James Cameron disappeared tomorrow along with 3D. If I'm not mistaken, soap operas are filmed at a high FPS. It just doesn't look good.

JL3689d ago

Honestly, I wouldn't care if he disappeared either. He can make stuff look good and he's a good producer. Beyond that, though, he's overrated. Can't write all the great and is a mediocre director. He's nothing but a glorified Michael Bay.

-MD-3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

If that's the case then no thank you to higher fps rates. I hate the way soaps are filmed.

Also yeah I wouldn't miss Cameron if he wasn't around. The guy knows what he's doing clearly but I just don't like his style.

Megaton3689d ago

Cameron's best work is behind him. Way behind him. Back with Alien and Terminator (the original two). Just glossing over his work on IMDB, I'd say the last film he did that I enjoyed was True Lies.

JL3689d ago

I didn't even care for Aliens or Terminator. As a kid they were cool I guess. But now, looking back, it's True Lies I never cared for at all. Honestly, there's not a movie on his resume that I would probably even put in my top 200 favorites.

As for the FPS, it all depends on how the movie is being shot and whatnot. How many frames are needed all depends on things like motion blur and speed of movement on-screen and stuff like that. I'm sure he knows what he's talking about (afterall, he is good in the tech/producing department). However, I see no huge need to push for faster frame rates. Movies look perfectly fine as it is.

Megaton3689d ago

True Lies was just a good goofy action movie for me. I still like Alien and Terminator all these years later. I think I've grown to like the Alien series even more, actually.

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Sunny_D3689d ago

Can we have 1080p at 120 fps?!!!! OMG!

ShAkKa3688d ago

They would have to film using an Eye cam and the power of the Cell(ps3) to achieve such an amazing feat.

Whoooop3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

So much Cameron hate in here... Disgusting.

I'm glad that he's not only here to stay, but that he will be pushing himself and others for new tech and different movie experiences

There's no other director that I would choose over him when I'm in need of epic entertainment.

About the topic: I wouldn't mind movies with slight higher FPS. Maybe 30 something or 40?

filmmattic3688d ago

I wholeheartedly agree Whooop.

In a sense, he is a "visionary" storyteller. Through application of the deep recesses of his purely cinematic mind, he conjures up very broad, "original" environments. No one can emphatically claim that Avatar (though it has its flaws) fails to invoke tremendous visual satisfaction.

His narrative tropes may be tried-and-true (most films are, by default), and his knack for dialogue is often laughably bad, but his technical and visual style is immensely compelling. Plus, his ability to tell a provocative and entertaining story (Terminator 1 & 2, for instance) is highly commendable.

But I gotta say. I'm not sure the medium is ready for a faster frame rate deluge. I mean, most studios are still tinkering with 3D technology, and quite clearly, have been unable to routinely get it right. In fact, on many occasions their implementation of it has been terribly executed (think Clash of the Titans). Cameron's a little too ambitious in his hopes, though in appropriate time, the production process will heed his call.

Whoooop3687d ago

Yeah... That's exactly how I feel about Cameron.

About the FPS... I wouldn't mind some increase depending on the movie, but you're right.

It would be too drastic a change with all the other stuff that's going on now. Changing the speed of how the movie is filmed could be hard to get used to for some.

milesofsmiles3688d ago

He's gonna push himself on others?! Isn't that like... rape? Wait, is he gonna rape my eyes?!! (Gasps)