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Five Favorite Films With Michelle Monaghan

Rottentomatoes: The star of Duncan Jones' sci-fi thriller Source Code drops by for a chat about her most-loved movies.

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-MD-3692d ago

I really should watch Fargo all the way through. I've seen bits and pieces on tv multiple times but never saw it from beginning to end.

I want to get around to watching Animal Kingdom too. I can't really judge her taste on 5 movies but if its her favorite film of 2010 then it can't be bad.

filmmattic3691d ago

You're missing out on both those films. Fargo is the flagship Coen film (if you're a fan of their brand of odd ball humor and quirkiness), and Animal Kingdom is just plain awesome. AK creates a deeply bleak atmosphere, and frankly, relies too much upon it. But it's honest depiction of criminal life—more so, the dear costs of its toil—is refreshing. Plus the acting is superb!

Christopher3691d ago

Only movie that remotely comes to mind that I notably could recall her in other than Source Code that I saw on Friday -- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Oh, and Eagle Eye.

Greatly enjoyed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, but her roles otherwise that I know of have been really small or just not all that memorable. I could have seen her replaced by tons of female actresses in Hollywood for her role in Source Code, for example.

Castor3691d ago

Yea she just never really got much of a chance to prove herself. Check out an indie called "Trucker" if you are interested in seeing something more worthy of her talent.

xVeZx3690d ago

i thought this was the 5 best films with her in them.....