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Cinemablend: Jane Eyre Review

Cinemablend: There's really no modernizing Jane Eyre, with all the tragedies borne of a repressed and dogmatic society, the stately manor houses creaking with secrets, and oh, those enormous and constricting dresses. It's not even a comedy like Pride and Prejudice, a classic story that benefited so much from Joe Wright's clear-eyed and sprightly approach a few years ago. So to bring something new and accessible to Jane Eyre, director Cary Fukunaga simply engrosses himself and his actors in the cloaked gloom of the era, stirring up the passion and life that's been there all along in Charlotte Bronte's story. His Jane Eyre feels unmistakably of another era, but there is no dust or pretension here, just a great story impeccably shot and acted, and a film impossible to shake.

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