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Cinemablend: Sucker Punch Review

Cinemablend: Sucker Punch is not one of the worst movies of the year, it’s three of the worst slapped together on a single reel. The first film takes place in an insane asylum, where a girl has been wrongfully committed and faces the prospect of a lobotomy. That doesn’t go anywhere.

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-MD-3948d ago

Is the story honestly that bad? All I ever read is "the story is hollow". I don't see how it could be THAT bad for these sites to give 1/10's and 1/5's left and right.

Christopher3948d ago

IMHO, it is that bad. But, YMMV.

-MD-3948d ago

Nobody will see this in theaters with me lol I either have to go alone or wait a couple months to download it.

All this negativity makes me want to see it even more. Just to see if it's true.

Soldierone3948d ago

Its not. These people are just going in looking to tear the movie apart, as that's what movie reviewers do.

Its not an amazing Inception story, but its pretty good. It has a good morale behind it. I have been getting people to go see it, and not a single person has hated it. In fact 9 out of 10 loved it, the other 1 was like it wasn't terrible.

-MD-3948d ago

I'm a little more reassured about the movie after reading that. I don't believe in a million years it deserves a 1/5.

Christopher3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

@M_D: Note that you asked me if the story was 1/5 bad. I would score the movie about a 1.5 to 2/5 overall, and most of that due to the story.

The movie isn't unwatchable, but I do feel it is bad. If you like action scenes just for the action, you shouldn't be disappointed. If you don't care at all about story, you're walking in with the perfect attitude for the movie, IMHO. Though, some like the story for what it is, I just feel it was a lot of potential wasted on focusing way too much on visual elements (girls in skin-revealing outfits and CGI heavy fight scenes.

I went in with low expectations, but I just couldn't ignore the faults of the movie and score it higher just because. It wouldn't be fair for me to rate this movie higher and ignore the story and not others.

Knowing what I do now, I wouldn't have paid full price for this but wouldn't mind seeing it at matinee price.

Megaton3948d ago

This one didn't really pique my interest the way Watchmen did, but I didn't expect it to score so low across the board. Still plan on seeing it eventually. Probably when it hits Netflix.

Quagmire3944d ago

watch it in cinemas, specially imax, Its worth it, especially for the fight scenes. Dont think of it as a coherent film, but rather as a visual spectacle or really long music video.

Its story is told through its visualization rather than dialogue or narrative imo.