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Lights, Camera, Critic's Review: Source Code

Lights Camera Critic writes: Director Duncan Jones’s Moon was released back in 2009, and gained positive reaction from critics and audiences globally. Its story and character(s) were well developed in a setting that created an atmosphere of isolation and claustrophobia. It was an example of the science fiction genre done well. Therefore, I was quite excited and intrigued in his new film, Source Code. After reading various high praising reviews by film critics at the South by Southwest festival (SXSW), and having a story that seemed to be ‘Groundhog Day’ meets science fiction, it seemed to be a ‘must see’. And with the good impression I gained from Moon, I was expecting something special. However while Source Code, is an inventive and entertaining exploration of the ‘sci-fi’ genre, it suffers from underwritten characters, questionable plot routes and has an ending that ultimately ruined my initially positive impression of the film.

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