Celluloid Zombie Review: Battle Los Angeles

Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Bridget Moynahan, Michelle Rodriguez

Director: Jonathan Liebesman

‘Maybe I can help. I’m a veterinarian.’

When the world is attacked by an aggressive alien force, arriving in a freak meteor storm, the army are mobilised to protect and evacuate civilians from the target cities. Marine Sgt. Michael Nantz leads a team through a ravaged L.A. where they discover just how overwhelming the invading force is.

You have to wonder sometimes if there are aliens out there who have thought about coming to planet Earth to say hello but, having taken the time to study out popular culture, decided against the idea because we seem so damn paranoid about them. One cursory glance at Hollywood’s output over the last century would leave any prospective extra-terrestrial tourist expecting to be shot on sight.

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