Footage Of Green Lantern From WonderCon

Warner Bros. have released four minutes of footage at WonderCon!

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technologymob2942d ago

I think it looks awesome, always liked Ryan Reynolds and I expect this to be another good film!

Whoooop2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Someone posted this in the forums... I was completely sure that this movie was going to be bad and I somewhat still think the same, but this footage gave me second thoughts.

I don't like Reynolds much and the first trailer looked pretty lame, but this footage or new trailer is interesting. Also, the CGI and special effects look nice.

Christopher2942d ago

I have no problem with Reynolds, but I do agree that I've felt that the previous trailers showed too much of a comical side. But, this footage alone has helped to give me a lot more faith in the result.

I'm also glad that the recent news about Rush added to the cast wasn't last minute, just held off in letting the public know.

Sunny_D2942d ago

I was told in the forums that his suit looks CG for some reason. I wonder if it has to do with the glowing that surrounds his body?

Christopher2942d ago

The suit(s) are CGI. He wore a special suit that they then applied CGI over. This is also why the post-production of the movie is taking forever as well.

belal2942d ago

damn he would fit perfectly as nathan drake! uncharted movie!

Megaton2941d ago

Eh... I've never been a fan of his. I was never really all that big on Green Lantern either, though. Guess it all works out.

bEARbEAR2933d ago

I haven't been much of a fan either but this actually caught my eye.