LRA: Evangelion 2.22 - Blu-ray Review

David Weaver from Lights Remote Action writes: The original series Neon Genesis Evangelion was a monumental release back in the mid-nineties. While it was not the first show to feature mechs or anything like that, it was the first anime to explore the idea of a mech anime from a very religious and extremely grim perspective. The series and film's creator Hideaki Anno was quite literally out of his mind when he first created it (he was suffering from clinical depression). Many fans ended up despising him for luring them in with a fantastic show with great characters and production values and then turning it all into a metaphorical nightmare when it all ended (the actual series never had a proper ending, it all took place in the main character's mind). After trying to make amends with the release of two films shortly after the series ended it still didn't make much sense unless you watched them a couple dozen times. It felt more like he was rubbing salt on a wound instead of bandaging it up. So now, almost a decade or so later he has given us what I consider to be a laymans terms vision of the original series. While the production values are astounding and it is beyond amazing to see my favorite characters back in action I found some of the changes that were made to certain characters to be both a blessing and a curse.

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WetN00dle693489d ago

I need to buy this one. Hopefully ill order through amazon.

Megaton3488d ago

Been meaning to see these movie things they've been doing for this series. I've never been the biggest fan of Evangelion, mostly because I can't stand Shinji, but I can appreciate it as something of an anime classic.

dweavis3488d ago

You will be happy to know that with these re-imagined versions of the story that they have tweaked Shinji a bit so he isn't quite as annoying. That was definitely one of the things I liked most about these new movies.

The changes they made seem to reflect most of the criticisms the original series received which is both a good and bad thing in my humble opinion.

Megaton3488d ago

Good to know. I'm so backlogged on anime, though. It'll be a long time until I get around to seeing it.