( My 10 Favorite WrestleMania Matches

Arcee: Ah, it is that one time of year that professional wrestling fans all around the world look forward to. I know a few people here on Nfamous that would agree with me. It is time again for THE event in sports entertainment… WrestleMania! For 27 years, World Wrestling Entertainment has brought this grand spectacle to the masses with a huge amount success throughout the years. From classic matches between now WWE Hall of Famers in the earlier incarnations of the event to the must-see matches that will take place this Sunday, April 3rd, WrestleMania is a can’t miss event for wrestling fans everywhere. And the buzz surrounding the event and the WWE at this time is always at a fever pitch. (It should come as no big surprise as to why WWE All Stars was released recently.) Being a HUGE WWE fan, I will be tuned in to this pay-per-view event once again, struck in awe by what I am watching unfold in the ring. And as I am waiting for the event to begin, I started wondering which were the best matches that I have seen over the years during the many WrestleManias I have been privileged to enjoy.

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Megaton3489d ago

I haven't been a WWE fan for a few years now, but I was gonna see this year's just because of The Rock. I actually attended Wrestlemania 2000 at the Anaheim Pond, back during the Attitude era of the WWF. Quite the spectacle. The 3-way TLC match the author listed was probably the best of the night.