IGN: Source Code Review

IGN: British filmmaker Duncan Jones, who burst onto the scene in 2009 with his cerebral sci-fi drama Moon, directs the new sci-fi thriller Source Code. (Cue the obligatory spoiler warning.) Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Captain Colter Stevens, a helicopter pilot who was on a combat mission in Afghanistan when he inexplicably wakes up in the body of another man.

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cody2oo3698d ago

This review is for sure negative. personally i thought they could have ended the movie in a certain and i would have gotten up and clapped, it is for sure one of the better movies out this year so far that deals with the mind and levels of reality. and the rules that are laid out are not set in stone of one person tells you them, they are questioned and then answered.

Soldierone3697d ago

Im mildly interested in the movie because of what you said. The only issue I have is i don't know a ton about it. Ill end up watching it at some point, I just dont think Ill be watching it in theaters.

However with what you said, its also the first film in a while dealing with that and it didnt end up putting the main character in a mental institution haha

cody2oo3697d ago

I'd personally see this in theaters, it deserves the money, Moon which is the last movie and only movie this director's made was also fricken awesome so if you liked that you'll like this.

Soldierone3697d ago

I have never actually heard of that movie, at least not that I know of. So I'll look it up on Netflix or find it in Blockbuster and give it a try.

OSIRUSSS3698d ago

Jake Gyllenhaal time traveling and changing future outcomes,where have I seen this before? lol.

JL3698d ago

Prince of Persia..? :D lol

cody2oo3698d ago

this is WAY better though.

Quagmire3697d ago

Don't forget Donnie Darko

JL3697d ago

lol I was joking about Prince of Persia. I knew that Osirusss' comment was most likely in reference to Donnie Darko. Just messing around cause technically Prince of Persia meets those guidelines as well.

OSIRUSSS3697d ago

I forgot about Prince of Persia. Wow. I like Jake Gyllenhaal as an actor. His time will come. I loved Jarhead.

Soldierone3697d ago

I can see the rehashed story behind this, its pretty straight forward. Didnt Mark Whalberg just do one?

However it is IGN and they seem to not like anything they didn't get paid to like or allows them to nerd orgasm over. The other reviews popping up here have all been moderate to positive.

Just remember Sucker Punch got the same review from IGN....

Whoooop3697d ago

IGN isn't even in the back of my head when I think about movie reviews...

I'm a bit surprised that this movie is getting positive reviews though. Even though Moon was a very good movie, this one is only his second and the trailer made the movie look kinda crap.

More power to smart newcomer directors.

JL3697d ago

I agree with you. I don't much trust IGN reviews. They're typically well written, but I've found over time that our tastes don't really match up at all evidently.

Sunny_D3697d ago

Wow, I was kind of excited to see this movie. The trailer made it seem like a cool thriller.

-MD-3697d ago

Now you're not? It's IGN. Their reviews are almost always off.

Sunny_D3696d ago

I tend to find IGN reviews pretty ok compared to their game reviews tbh.