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IGN: Super Review

IGN: Super is a movie about superheroes that doesn't want to be a movie about superheroes. It centers on a seemingly ordinary guy who decides to put on a silly costume and dispense some vigilante justice. We've seen this story before, as far back as the 1980 John Ritter comedy Hero at Large, and as recently as last year's Kick-Ass. Even Watchmen, to some extent, explored the special kind of narcissism and delusion an individual must have to get off on fighting bad guys behind a mask. The dark side of heroism is by now a familiar trope in comics and film, and there's not much Super does with it that we haven't seen before in one form or another.

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-MD-3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Not good. 5/10? I seriously doubt it. The trailer alone is better than a lot of movies. I have huge expectations for this.