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The 15 Creepiest Movie Children Ever

It's a fact: Children sometimes go bad. Another fact: Hollywood loves making horror movies of kids going bad.

Presented for your macabre pleasure...

The 15 Creepiest Movie Children who would tie your shoelaces together and push you down the stairs.

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JL3492d ago

Some pretty good choices. All day long, though, Isaac Chroner would be on my Top 10 list for creepy kids. Hell, the whole Children of the Corn clan would be there.

-MD-3492d ago

I can't believe they skipped over Sam from Trick r' Treat!


Awesome movie and highly recommended from me.

EliteF503492d ago

Agreed. Trick r' Treat is awesome.

JL3492d ago

For a minute there I thought you were crazy. I was like "No they didn't" lol. But then I realized evidently I'm crazy. I just saw the burlap sack head and didn't pay attention and thought that was the Trick r' Treat kid. But that was Tomas.