Warner Bros Announce Superman Anthology Blu-ray Box Set

With everybody eager to see how Snyder’s Man of Steel turns out, but a long time to wait, Warner Bros Home Entertainment have decided to cash in on that hype. They have announced that the entire Superman anthology will be released on Blu-ray for the first time on on June 7th. This will be the entire anthology including all four of the original Superman movies starring Christopher Reeves (available for the first time in hi-def), along with alternate versions to Parts 1 and 2, plus the recent film Superman Returns.

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Crazay3497d ago


JL3497d ago

It would indeed be a cool box set to have. I'll be curious to see what Amazon is offering it for hen pre-orders start.

A lot of cool box sets coming out this year, though. This, LOTR Extended Edition and Star Wars. Possibly even Jurassic Park.

Crazay3497d ago

Yup - sadly I can't justify too many of them because I already have them on DVD but this is a must own for me because Superman is my all time favorite hero.

JL3497d ago

I understand what you mean. I'm not too much in the habit of "upgrading" movies that I already own on DVD. Hell there are still past sets that I haven't got around to upgrading due to already owning them on DVD (Matrix comes to mind). Though I'll probably have to get at least one of the ones mentioned.

And never fear, I have plans to touch on these major box set releases for the contests during the months they release. ;)

darklordzor3497d ago

I'm all about upgrading my DVDs, but damn I'm going to be very poor this year! Star Wars, LotR, Jurassic Park, and now this! Geez, my wife is going to kill me.

Soldierone3496d ago

Cant say Im TOO excited for this. I love Superman, but Im not gonna be pre ordering and grabbing this on day one. They were good films, and Id love to see them on Blu ray, but with everything else coming it just seems like too much.

It's just odd that the new Superman got so much hate, then WB releases this and people are all excited haha.

JL3496d ago

I think people are more excited about having them all on Blu-ray (especially in a box set and since not all of them have been on Blu-ray before). But, I never hated Superman Returns like so many seemed to. I liked it well enough and especially thought Routh was awesome (I'm assuming that's the movie you meant by "new Superman")

I'm also with you. I'm not super excited. Maybe one day I'll get around to getting it. But it's nothing I'll be pre-ordering or rushing out to get on release date.

shadow27973496d ago

I'm not even that big of a Superman fan (was when I was young) but I really really want this. And the most compelling part isn't even the actual movies, it's the tons of BTS and bonus material included.

I don't know how I'll justify spending that much money, but I'm sure I'll find a way.

JL3496d ago

Well you can always look to FilmWatch here to solve that problem for you. My idea right now is to offer a copy of these box sets (including LOTR and Star Wars and Jurassic Park) for a contest prize on the months they release. So for the June contest, it's probably pretty likely that this will be one of the prizes on here ;)

Soldierone3496d ago

I Am Soldierone and I approve of this message.

I was somewhat expecting this to happen, but the fact you say its in the books really enlightens me a bit. Now I am curious to see what it is we will be doing to achieve this boxset status haha.

JL3496d ago

Don't worry, I'm sure I won't be asking for your firstborn or anything. Second-born shall do lol

OSIRUSSS3496d ago

The Second Superman had some of the greatest lines of the the series. Terrence Stamp is just awesome.

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