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In Defense of ‘Sucker Punch’ – Uncovering the Method Behind Zack Snyder’s Madness

Battle: Los Angeles. I Am Number Four. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Clash of the Titans. The Wolfman. Resident Evil: Afterlife. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

What is it that these tentpole action films have in common? They all received better reviews than Sucker Punch.

Yes, once hailed as being among the more anticipated cinematic outings of the year, writer/director Zack Snyder‘s fantastical pop culture mash-up was unleashed in theaters this week only to be met with an overwhelming amount of sneering hostility and ridicule. And yet, amidst the critical excoriation of the film for its spastic overindulgence and numbing stupidity, as well as the outright repudiation of its girl power themes (even /Film’s own Angie Han has shared her thoughts on the failed feminism of the film), I stand alone to shamefully whisper: I kind of liked it. And I think it’s about time to give this film its due.

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Soldierone3492d ago

Spoiler comment, but then again why read something like this if you haven't seen the movie? lol

I agree with some instances. It was a good read none the less, however could use a little bit more "defending" Sucker Punch. At least I was expecting it to have more, and was hoping.

As anyone here doesn't know already, I loved the movie. It does have its flaws and I think the Unrated version will fix a majority of these flaws. However he had a good point about her fascination with certain aspects, that way they could be put into the imagination sequences.

If I was Snyder I would of opened the movie differently. I think he did it the way it is to attract people right from the get go and establish a mood. However he could of added a 2 to 3 minute sequence of Baby Doll in a museum and coming home to the guy and start all that. Or perhaps she is drawing then her sister screams, this would of even worked into the sequence too. Maybe just put posters up in her room, things like that.

That alone would make 9 out of 10 "haters" disappear and like the movie a whole lot more as it explains a little bit. The rest would need you to dumb it down so there is no point. People didn't catch things like the song playing in tense times, the look alike bad guys, the dance moves, etc...That's why they hated it.

JL3492d ago

Ok. I think I'm gonna need you to fill me in on all this stuff that you feel people didn't catch and your whole interpretation of the movie. I liked the movie and I got it (or at least I thought I did--with no real deep metaphorical meanings behind it necessarily--not like the depth of Inception). But this whole rant by the the writer here about it being Sweet Pea's perspective, this has really got me second guessing myself if I even got it at all.

newn4gguy3492d ago

Inception is not deep. Nolan intentionally tries to lose the audience. If anything, he tried too hard with Inception.

Soldierone3491d ago

That's the thing. You can see an entirely differnt movie than the person sitting next to you. Some people will see it for nothing more than a Transformers movie set in a fantasy world, non-stop action. Others (me) see the moral and find meaning behind everything. Someone will see it from a differnt point of view...etc...

Its 4:30 AM so Im not gonna attempt explaining everything I think I found in the movie just yet, but I will attempt to do so tomorrow. I remember last time I was posting this late I thought Superman was gonna be an old guy or something lol

JL3491d ago

I'm sorry, but Nolan put plenty of depth into Inception. Just wrong there.

lol I remember that. Late nights don't work for you and your brain it seems. I am curious on others interpretations of this movie though. Gives me something to consider and I may just have to watch this again, as a second (or even third) viewing always brings things to attention that you don't pick up on the first time around.

cody2oo3492d ago


I'm confused, we were in sweet peas perspective the whole movie?

JL3492d ago

Hmm that's interesting. I mean I'm not sure that's actually what's going on there, but that's definitely an interesting interpretation by the writer here. I definitely didn't see it as that way. But then again, they way he presents that argument does make sense and seem logical.

newn4gguy3492d ago

It's a phenomenal movie.


Quagmire3485d ago

Hopefully this film gets the recognition it deserves years later when people really start to analyse and critique the films elements. I'm guessing people who didn't like the film are those who generally didn't understand it.

JL3485d ago

I'm curious to see what the reaction is when it hits DVD/Blu-ray where it's been stated we'll get the unedited/unrated Director's Cut. Cause I think that will definitely help out the movie.