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The Hangover Part 2 Trailer

Apart from a teaser trailer and a poster for the film we haven't really seen anything from the Hangover Part 2. Today, Warner Bros has released a 2 minute 32 second trailer in which we get our first real look at the film and find what Doug is up to.

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darklordzor3494d ago

Gosh, even the trailer had me cracking up to the point my wife told me I had to be quiet or I'd wake up the kid. While the premise seems a little too rehashed, I'm still very interested in how it goes down. And hey, there's Doug! He's not lost after all, but still doesn't look like he'll have a big part.

JL3494d ago

Yea, one of the first things that came to my mind was "great they really are just rehashing the first one and doing the exact same thing over again". Then I kept watching and I'm cracking up. Exact same thing? Yes. But somehow they've still seemingly been able to make it hilarious.

On the Justin Bartha thing: that did kind of disappoint me. I guess he was right when he said he wouldn't be lost in this one. But it does indeed appear he still won't play any bigger a role in the movie. Which kinda sucks. I'd like to see him more. He can actually be quite funny.

-MD-3494d ago

Eh... I only laughed twice and they were both lines from Galafanakis. I still want to watch it though.

Soldierone3494d ago

It's literally the same exact movie with a new environment....Im not sure how I feel about it. Sadly, maybe cus im tired, I hardly laughed at the trailer at all. The monkey being strong is the only thing that made me giggle.

-MD-3494d ago

I was high and barely laughed. Dunno... I'll watch it tomorrow again and see how I feel.

artrexler3493d ago

I'm at work and had to laugh to myself but pretty much did it throughout the whole trailer. When it was apparent that they're just doing the hangover in a different place I was a little disappointed but it looks like it will still be hilarious. Isn't the tat the same one as Mike Tyson? Anyone think there will be another cameo?

undercovrr3493d ago

Doesn't seem that funny. I mean they are doing the exact same thing in a different country. The random encounters are no longer as funny because you expect them having seen the first movie. Hopefully i'm wrong though and I'll enjoy this movie as much as the first

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