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IGN: How Will The Dark Knight End?

IGN writes:
Talk of The Dark Knight Rises' secret ending, plans for a Justice League movie and a reinvention of Batman once Chris Nolan departs the franchise has all of us shaking in our nerd suits.

Will Chris Nolan kill Batman? What is the Dark Knight's fate once Nolan makes his final film? IGN does its part to play rumor control and fan the fires a bit as we debate Batman's future. In doing so, we'll address what the top-secret ending news means - and what that ending may or may not be in our section titled "How Batman Could End".

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JL3689d ago

God I hope he kills him. That would be so freaking epic. Ok, fine, don't kill Batman. Just break his break. Incredibly epic. Can you imagine the buzz. "Holy Crap!!! Did you hear?! Nolan killed Batman!!!" *cha-ching*

LtSkittles3689d ago

I don't think he'll kill him, just break his back, because well, Batman does have limits, and this would show Batman's not able to stop all of the crime.

JL3689d ago

Yea. I wouldn't ever think he'd really kill him. But breaking his back would be just as epic, maybe even more so. I think Nolan has done a good job of showing that Batman does indeed have limits by showing him getting all beat up and showing the toll that the job has taken on him. Who knows, maybe his plan the whole time was to lead to something like this too and he could have even been foreshadowing it with the Alfred speeches about "know your limits Mr Wayne" and "Batman may not have limits, but you do sir" or the one about he's going to end up getting himself killed or something.

LtSkittles3689d ago

yeah, that's what I'm talking about. I think it's his plan to make it like the comics. I trust in Him, and sure whatever the ending is it will be emotional too.

JL3689d ago

Yea I have entire faith in Nolan. The man's a genius. I'm sure whatever he does will be epic. I can't wait.

darklordzor3689d ago

Batman being killed would be fairly epic, but I just don't see it happening. Even though they plan to reboot the series again after Nolan, I wouldn't think they'd want to kill him in this film.

Broken would still be pretty epic and an interesting ending. Personally, as far as this list goes, the 'Never said thank you' ending sounds pretty neat too.

-MD-3689d ago

I'd rather them end the trilogy on an original idea instead of a recycled one.