TheGameEffect | Lights Out: "Sucker Punch" Review

TGE: For anyone who missed the tragic news: FX announced last Wednesday that Lights Out will not be returning for a second season. As I watched tonight's episode, "Sucker Punch," the absurdity of this cancellation was brought home for me yet again: this show started out strong and has consistently gotten better with each episode, and has become, in my very humble opinion, one of the best dramas to debut in years.

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Christopher4265d ago

Personally, I'm just not into sport-focused media. The closest I've come is watching sport-related comedies (The Replacements, Necessary Roughness, Major League, etc.) on TV. But, I don't see myself getting into a TV show about a boxer. Heck, I've yet to see The Fighter or any other dramatic boxing movie that I can recall.

Entropic4265d ago

In Lights Out, the show is much less about boxing, and much more about the characters and their personalities. Like with any show, there is a backdrop (football for Friday Night Lights (another amazing "sports" show), the office for The Office, a school for Saved By the Bell)... the heart of the show isn't in the backdrop, it's in the lives of the characters that populate the backdrop.

darklordzor4265d ago

Man on this site, I'm not used to seeing anything with Sucker Punch in the title with positive scores...