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Geoffrey Rush Joins the Green Lantern Corps

Geoffrey Rush is back in the mode of demanding teacher — but instead of a king’s speech therapist, the Aussie actor will be Tomar-Re, a bird-beaked alien who teaches Ryan Reynolds’ character how to use his new cosmic powers in “Green Lantern.”

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Christopher3951d ago

Find it weird that this choice would be made only 2 and a half months prior to release...

darklordzor3951d ago

I could understand it, but it does seem very late in the game to be doing so. Hell, there are rumors that Michael Clark Duncan will be voicing Kilowog. Since they're all CG characters I can understand waiting to voice cast them, but just a few months out, seems like you're cutting it awfully close.

Still, those voice choices are awesome and I can't wait to hear them.

Christopher3951d ago

I'm already on the fence about this movie, but seeing decisions of this sort made so late in the game, even if just voice acting, gets me even more worried about it.

darklordzor3951d ago

I'm totally sold on this film, but I'm biased because I already love Green Lantern. I'm still not sure that picking up cast this late in the game is a bad thing. Hell look at all the casting announcements we've had in the past couple months for Cars 2...and that also comes out this Summer.

The truth is, with voice overs, it really takes no time at all to drop in the dialogue into the film. Most of the time, the editor is right there during the taping, and they drop it in as soon as the director gets a take he likes! It's a fairly quick process.

JL3951d ago

Not taking sides here as I really don't care about this movie either way. Just want to present a counterargument to the Cars 2 point though. Cars 2 announcements have simply been revelations that those people did voice work for the movie (since it's kinda been kept a bit of a secret at who all will appear in there). Whereas this appears to be actual casting.

hazelamy3951d ago

and they don't have to worry about lip synching with tomar-re, because he doesn't have any. :)

i certainly wouldn't have expected rush to voice this character, but i doubt they picked him on a whim so i expect he'll do a good job.