Hesher Poster Revealed

The poster for Hesher has been revealed, the film will be released in April this year and stars Natalie Portman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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technologymob3499d ago

I'd not actually heard of the movie until I saw this, gunna look out for it now though!

darklordzor3499d ago

I've heard of it, but I can say I'm not terribly interested. I'm sure I'll watch it because of the two incredible actors they have attached, but for now that's my only reason.

JL3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

I'm with you on that. I mean it looks interesting enough, but mostly I'm interested because of Rainn, Portman and JGL. That's enough to get me to watch it though. Probably as a rental or something though.

-MD-3498d ago

Which two incredible actors are you speaking of? I see 3.

Soldierone3498d ago

I remember watching the trailer here a little while ago. I think I will be waiting to see it on Blu ray as it has no reason to see it in theaters.

That whole Metallica (parody) logo is kinda annoying me though.

JL3498d ago

It's funny you mention that. I noticed the Metallica style lettering. But also, the poster itself with the portrait of JGL there reminds me of a Bob Marley poster.

-MD-3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

He looks like Dimebag in the poster to me. I noticed the Metallica lettering too and I dislike that part.

Really wanna see it for Rainn and NP though even though they're probably in it for all of 20 minutes. I'm still warming up to JGL.

JL3498d ago

First off, JGL is pretty awesome. You should watch more of his stuff. Brick, The Lookout, even stuff like 10 Things I Hate About get a good feel for him.

As for the poster, let me clarify: I didn't mean he looked like Marley. I meant the poster reminded me of a Bob Marley poster I used to have. It was that same half-silhouette thing going on, with the grungy look and the cigarette (or joint in Marley's case) between his lips with the smoke coming up (all in black and white).

-MD-3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Right yeah I totally see how you would think of Marley after seeing that poster.

I'll look into those movies too. The Lookout sounds pretty interesting.