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( Faster Blu-ray Review

TheDCD: While The Rock shines on the Wrestlemania XVII stage this weekend, I couldn’t help but take a look at one of his previous action flicks, last year’s Faster. I decided to see it because, well, after watching the crazy-looking Fast Five trailer (it’s coming out next month), I was like, “How can The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) handle a car?” Very well, it seems.

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NuyoRiquena3690d ago

I really wanted to love the film - mostly because I like Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino. But alas, your review is quite accurate.

Good read!

Arcee3689d ago

I simply love Carla Gugino. And I am a huge fan of The Rock. (Sorry, I am a wrestling fan and he will always be The Rock to me.) Their first movie together was fun. Too bad this one wasn't quite up to par.

JL3688d ago

Carla and Rock have been in a movie together before? Hmm I'm drawing a blank as to what that might be.

I'm with you though, I love Carla. And The Rock is The Rock (forget Dwayne Johnson). I'm a wrestling fan too, so yea lol. In fact, I've loved having him back recently and will be curious to see what he does at Wrestlemania this weekend.

Arcee3688d ago

They were in Race to Witch Mountain.

JL3688d ago

Ahhh. Yes. Forgot about that one (probably rightfully so lol).

darklordzor3689d ago

I wanted to see it when it hit theaters but never got around to it. Sad to see the low score, because I was still thinking about catching it. Guess I'll wait until it's on netflix so I won't waste money on it.

Arcee3689d ago

With some movies, you can kind of blind out the bad if there is enough good in it. With Faster, while there are some scenes, mainly the killing ones, that kind of leave you like "whoa," the majority of the film is barely passable at best. Netflix is definitely the way to go with this one.

JL3688d ago

It's already on Netflix. Unless you mean streaming (which it's not). It's definitely there for rental, though. In fact, that's one of the movies I got in the mail today from Netflix. Haven't gotten around to watching it yet, but will tomorrow night.

NuyoRiquena3686d ago

Did you get around to watching it? What is your opinion? Just curious. ^_^

JL3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Yea I watched it. It was alright. Nothing special. But if in some way it interested you, it might be at least worth watching when you have nothing else to do. Just a fairly average revenge/action flick.

I'd say this review was pretty accurate. It was just average. I never expected anything more though.

JeromeChance3686d ago

I also wanted to see this. I probably will still but Netflix sounds like a good idea.