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Phantom Menace 3D Update

IGN: Lucasfilm and Prime Focus, the global visual entertainment services company, are proud to announce their collaboration on the 3D conversion of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace for theatrical release, heralding an exciting new era in Star Wars entertainment. Prime Focus was selected by Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) following an exhaustive testing process.

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Crazay3690d ago

Looks like I'll be making my way into theaters once again to see Star Wars.

LtSkittles3690d ago

Same. I think the Podrace scene would be neat to see in 3D.

Crazay3690d ago

The Pod racing would be SWEET in 3D. Good point by you Skittles.

darklordzor3690d ago

Agreed, the podracing scene will be very sweet in 3D, that and the final space battle sequence. Should all be pretty fun. As long as it's not all of Jar Jar's tongue coming out at us in 3D, this should be fun.

LtSkittles3690d ago

yeah, the last battle should be good as well.

jbryan20003690d ago

Dunno if this one was the worst of all 6 movies. I really feel instead of rehashing, they should get started on E7-10 using Sam Witwer to reprise his Unleashed role. Clocks a clicking..

Crazay3690d ago

Interesting idea. How would they do Episodes 7-10 with Witwer? I haven;t finished the games his character is based on.

tunaks13690d ago

"I really feel instead of rehashing, they should get started on E7-10 using Sam Witwer to reprise his Unleashed role. "
im sorry thats a horrible idea.

darklordzor3690d ago

Don't think that would really work. Since Witwer's character takes place before the original movies, and has no part in what takes place during the films, I don't see him ever having a story past that. Just wouldn't make sense.

Besides, TFU really messed up the canon and I can say I'd be glad to not have it on the big screen.

darklordzor3690d ago

If it were possible I'd already have bought the tickets. Hell I was sold on the idea when it was just a rumor.

Nikhil3690d ago

I am way too excited for this haha

darklordzor3690d ago

Believe me, I'm right there with you. I am totally pumped for this and am really hoping my boy will be ready to go to the movies with me to see it. When the Special editions were released in theaters, my father took me (waited in line for a long time) and I'd love to share that experience with my son.

gaden_malak3689d ago

Yeah I am pretty stoked to see it.

CobraKai3689d ago

The movie that officially made me a Star Wars fan. Gon' be badass!!!

darklordzor3689d ago

Very cool to hear that man. Nice to see that it was able to bring you into the flock.