New Green Lantern Poster Spotted At CinemaCon

A new poster for Warner Bros’ Green Lantern has been spotted at CinemaCon. The film will be released in both 2D and 3D on 17th June.

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darklordzor3702d ago

That's a nifty looking character poster...hope they release an official and high-res version before too long.

technologymob3702d ago

Yeh, hopefully. Only a photo from someone at CinemaCon at the moment I believe.

darklordzor3701d ago

Yeah I've seen the poster on a few other sites, and a buddy of mine took a pic while he was there, but still, it's all a little blurry and fuzzy. Hoping that after the event we'll get high-res pics of all this stuff from the studios.

artrexler3701d ago

CinemaCon??? OMG why haven't I heard of this before!!!! I didn't really care for the poster. It's just an anorexic Ryan Reynolds. meh

OSIRUSSS3701d ago

I just found out that The GL's Ring is the most powerful weapon in the DC universe.

darklordzor3701d ago

@ artrexler

Because it's brand new! Well sort of. Have you ever heard of ShoWest? They just changed the name this year, so it's what ShoWest used to be, but is now CinemaCon.