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Star Wars on Blu-ray Dated for Sep. 16

Lucasfilm Ltd. has finally nailed down a release date for the complete Star Wars saga on Blu-ray. Pre-orders have begun.

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darklordzor3700d ago

Yippee! That's a whole week earlier than what was reported. Of course I've already got mine on pre-order so we're good to go here!

Crazay3700d ago

I'll be ordering mine too. Super jacked up for this one

Nikhil3700d ago

Excellent, I'll finally be putting my PS3 to use as a blu-ray player!

darklordzor3700d ago

@ Nikhil

You mean you haven't been yet? Oh man, that was one of my primaries reasons for buying one when they first came out. I wanted the blu-ray technology. I don't know where I'd be without it now.

Crazay3699d ago

Seriously what's with that eh?

darklordzor3699d ago

@ Crazay

I know right? I couldn't imagine having access to a blu-ray player and not really utilizing it all the time. Star Wars may be a reason for me to get ANOTHER blu-ray player, just because I fear I may wear out my PS3 with watching them all the time.

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