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Wonder Woman Set Pics & Video Show Changed Costume

SuperHeroHype says:

A couple of Fridays ago, we got our official first look at Adrianne Palicki as the title character in the new NBC pilot "Wonder Woman" from executive producer David E. Kelley. We've now received a bunch of photos and a video from last night's filming that show that the costume has been changed since that first photo was taken. You can view a sample of the pictures below and head here for the full gallery!

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Community3730d ago
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Crazay3730d ago


*blink blink*


Oh jeasus.....

darklordzor3730d ago

I will admit that the costume change looks WAY better than the one before. Just needed to lose that plasticy look and it started working. However, these pics don't exactly inspire confidence in this show either. All of it is kind of goofy looking.

Christopher3730d ago

The legs portion looks better as it looks like stretchy cloth rather than the plastic look from EW. But, the top and boots still look the same.

And, agreed, this does not increase my level of confidence in this at all. The lasso and clothing still look fairly amateurish and still something I'd expect in a show aimed at children.

It is, however, always nice to see some behind-the-scenes look at how action sequences are filmed.

Soldierone3730d ago

Was about to mention how it looks kinda cheesy.

The fact they didnt stand by the costume and slightly changed it also shows lack of confidence in the film too. If he has will to keep doing things he wants to do them, at least he can create a cult following behind the show. but if you are constantly changing, and not changing much, people wont get into the show.

darklordzor3730d ago

Actually them changing the costume shows a good attitude to me. It shows that they're willing to listen to the fans and not blow them off entirely. I know quite a few fans that area already changing their minds about this show JUST because of the costume change. I think it was a smart move on their part, or they would have started off already pissing off the fan base.

CobraKai3730d ago

They couldn't make metal breast plates? Although the red boots do make a huge difference. Too bad the rest of the costume looks like it was $60 to make. They shoulda let Joss Whendon do his thing.

darklordzor3730d ago

A Joss Whedon Wonder Woman would have been very fun to see. It is truly amazing how big a difference the red boots do make. You're right, the rest of it still looks fairly cheap, but on the whole it it much better...though I still have no faith in this show.

hazelamy3730d ago

the real wonder is how she stayed in that costume.

darklordzor3730d ago

I do wonder about that too....while she's running it does looking like she's about ready to pop out of that thing. Kudos to the costume people!

Christopher3730d ago

Tight, uncomfortable tops and lots of tape on the inside I'm sure. Probably akin to wearing a tightened corset, I'm sure. It's remarkable the pain many women will put themselves through compared to most of their male counterparts in action roles.

darklordzor3730d ago

Very true. They have to do all the same amount of action and stunts, but they have to do it and look sexy all the while.

I have a good idea of how they actually accomplish the feat, it's just fun to mess around with.

jbryan20003730d ago

I'm a tad concerned. Great actress but, I have fears about this. Changing the costume is a big no no. I'm going to give this a shot and at least watch EP1. If what I read is true, the world knows her secret identity...I hope not..or that's a show stopper for me. Blasphemy!

Just bring back Firefly already.

Crazay3730d ago

Hahha - Another Firefly fanboy eh buddy? I think she's a hot chic but for some reason....`I'm having trouble getting too excited for this.

darklordzor3730d ago

Us browncoats are everywhere man, you should be getting used to it. That's how we the shadows.

Anyway, I'm still in support of changing the costume, I really think that means the studios are willing to listen to the fans. I also wouldn't say she was a great actress. She's not bad, by any means, but not exactly great either.

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The story is too old to be commented.