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GeekActually Review - Just Go With It

David McVay writes:
Adam Sandler is a frustrating actor, he wields a lot of power in Hollywood and is obviously talented. He continually produces films for him, and his friends, to star in through his Happy Madison Productions and still has time to stretch as an actor by appearing in other people’s projects such as Judd Apatow’s “Funny People”. So why is he frustrating? Because with all of the above, he continues to pump out juvenile sub-par comedies that really are aimed at the lowest common denominator. His films range from truly awful (“Little Nicky” & “The Waterboy”) to fairly good fun (“The Wedding Singer” & “Click”) but unfortunately most fall into the middle, mediocre and forgettable (“Happy Gilmore” & “Anger Management”). So, where does his latest Happy Madison Production “Just Go With It” fall? Thankfully it falls at the slightly higher end of the scale. It is a pleasant romantic comedy that offers up a few laughs and a sweet performance from “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston.

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