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Weinstein Dates 'Our Idiot Brother', 'I Don't Know How She Does It', 'Apollo 18', 'Piranha 3DD'

The Weinstein Company announced release dates for several 2011/2012 movies including Our Idiot Brother (formerly titled My Idiot Brother) as well as announcing a delay on Apollo 18.

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Nikhil4324d ago

Bummed about the delay on Apollo 18.

JL4324d ago

Yea me too. I was definitely looking forward to that one. Sucks that I have to wait another year now.

darklordzor4323d ago

I too was bummed about the Apollo 18 delay, but I was also expecting it. I mean in all, they've only had about 6 months to work on this That's filming and post-production.

I was almost positive it was going to get delayed, and am more surprised that they waited this long to announce it.