Futurama Has Been Picked Up For Two New Seasons

Comedy Central and Twentieth Century Fox have today announced that Fry, Leela and Bender will be returning. The networks have penned a deal for two more seasons of the hit animated comedy series Futurama. Each season will consist of 13 episodes, for a total of 26. The entire voice cast will be returning for the new seasons which will air on Comedy Central. The first of the two new seasons will air in the summer of 2012, while the second will make its way to TV a year later in summer of 2013.

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MojoOops3496d ago

I used to love Futurerama but found that I wasn't missing it all that much when it was gone and haven't yet seen any new episodes.

darklordzor3496d ago

So freaking glad their second chance is working out. I really loved the show when it was on originally and hated when Fox canceled it. They just seemed too quick to do so back then. It never really got the chance it deserved. I watched it all the time on Adult Swim and was giddy when they announced it was returning. Really happy to see it thriving now.

Christopher3496d ago

I wouldn't say it didn't get the chance it deserved. Most shows today don't get 2 seasons, let alone 5. I enjoy Futurama for what it is, but somewhat like MojoOops I didn't really miss it when it was gone.

Haven't kept up with the latest season, but will likely find some time to do so later on.

darklordzor3496d ago

Yeah, I supposed your right, it did have quite a few seasons, but it still feels like it got cut short early. I totally missed it when it was gone. I loved the show and at the time watched it more than Family Guy.

darklordzor3496d ago

LOL! Easily one of my favorite episodes. Their reactions to the death sentence are just so funny, and then the ending when they're all in casts are hilarious. That was a fantastic reference!

GodsHand3495d ago

I loved the part where they saw the other people have died, they are just bones, schakled to the wall, but there face tells a different story, with that big grin on their skulls.

Nikhil3496d ago

I'm gonna have to catch up, haven't seen much of the new seasons.

darklordzor3496d ago

It took me a long to time catch up as well. Hell I just finally started watching those direct-to-dvd movies they had released. I fairly caught up now as far as the seasons go though. It's about the only time I really use my DVR: cartoons.

Christopher3495d ago

Not sure if they're still going, but I got all of the seasons for $12 a pop on iTunes about two months back. The seasons are definitely worth the $12 price tag.